Business Accounting Services

So you are probably asking yourself.

Can’t I save money by doing it myself?

In a word, not in the long run. — Okay, 5 words. At first, many small business owners attempt to do the accounting themselves in an effort to “save money”. After a while of muddling through accounting, most realize that the many hours they have spent dealing with payroll, entering transactions, completing bank reconciliation’s, filing tax forms, responding to IRS notices, etc. have taken valuable time away from what they really need to be doing — generating revenue! The fees for having an outside accountant provide services to you are more than returned via increased profit. Those wasted hours can now be spent obtaining new customers and generating revenues for your business.

We offer a full range of services including:

✔ Data entry ✔ Monthly/Quarterly review of books
(if you do your own data entry)

✔ Monthly/Quarterly financial statements (including job reports, time, materials, and retainage)

✔ Monthly bank reconciliations

✔ Complete payroll preparation from paycheck to W-2

✔ Tax planning and consulting

✔ Year-end business tax returns

Interested in our Business Accounting Services? Give us a call today at 404-892-9513 and we will give you a customized quote based on exact needs.